Hi, my name is Marie.

psychologist, mentor, speaker


I am here to help you step up in to your true self and set yourself free, live the relationship you desire so much and manifest the life of your dreams. I have spend years of studying psychology, and psychodynamics and the fascinating unconscious. Human (un)consciousness is the most fascinating thing to me. It was not until I combined depth psychology with the world of energetics until things started to miraculously shift. I love to help you master your energetic presence.


My dharma is devoted to liberation. I am here to support you in your liberation. And I am dedicated to share the stuff that set my self free. I mostly work in German. I live in Berlin with my partner, Jala our little dachshund, brother and friends. But we spend a lot of time living abroad, having our home in our hearts. Lately, we have lived in Portugal for several months. That is why English also slowly starts to take over my work. My programs and mastermind are held in German, 1:1 can be in English. 

To me life is a walk of liberation and self-realization. Do you want to walk with me?